About SupermurgaNati


To amaze, enable, and empower Cincinnati's Jitterbugs and Lindy Hoppers creatively, technically, and socially by providing opportunities for elite instruction, generous mentoring, exciting collaboration, supportive connections, and amazing dance.


To unleash Cincinnati's Swing Dance Community so our only constraints are the limits of our collective imagination.

Back to the dance floor!

SupermurgaNati emerges from my desire to reconnect with the swing dance community in my hometown, Cincinnati, as well as the worldwide Lindy Hop community. In 2023, after a several year hiatus due to parenting, my soccer obsession, a focus on political activism, the damnpenic, and grappling with previously undiagnosed depression, I realized that it was critical for me to start dancing again. After several months of getting back to it, I realized how much I loved not just social dancing, but also creating, promoting, teaching, community building, and communing with my fellow dancers.

If you know me, you know I can’t do anything just a little. So as of June 2023, I am launching SupermurgaNati. Off the bat, I will start with two initiatives:

As with any endeavor, I’ll be discussing, assessing, evaluating, and adjusting as things move forward. I’m excited to see where things go and I sincerely hope to see you on the dance floor!

Joel Domoe

Community Organizer,

Swing Dance Instructor and Student,

Founder of SupermurgaNati

A New Addition to the Family!

SupermurgaNati is very pleased to announce and present its newest partner, Delaan Sumler!

Hello, everyone! I started my dance career in 2018 as a sub-par Lindy Hopper, but after going to school shortly after for Music Education, I discovered a drive to bring Swing Dance to a broader community here in Cincinnati! I believe that through community participation and visibility, the mostly forgotten art of partnered dance can rise anew! I love the idea of celebrating tradition by adding a modern twist to it - making these spaces inclusive for and of all different music genres, perspectives, creeds, and ability levels, and so I hope to aid in this cause by working within the SupermurgaNati brand to introduce as many people as possible to the culture and work with existing dancers to create enriching opportunities.

I hope that one day, we can all enjoy the freedom and sense of community that only swing dancing can provide!

Delaan Sumler


Swing Dance Instructor and Student,

Newest Partner at SupermurgaNati