Next SwouZy Blues - Mon, Feb 19 (President's Day)

Save The Date(s)!

Next SwouZy Blues is Dead President's Day (2/19/2024)
Next After That is Memorial Day (5/27/2024)

SwouZy Blues is a Swing Dance Fusion Social Event intended to diversify and expand the music to which we dance and the dancing styles of the TriState (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) Regional Swing Dance Community. The event features instructional classes, social dancing and general camaraderie. The name comes from the the four foundational music genres for the event: Swing (Sw), Soul (ou), Zydeco (Zy), and, of course, Blues!

Monday, Feb 19, 2024
@ Hoffner Lodge
4120 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223

All Classes: $15

One Class: $10

Dance Only: $5

Whole Shebang: $20

Buy Online at:
or pay at the door!

Whoa! This SwouZy Blues looks a little different than usual- But no less fun!

Join us for three exciting classes, taught by some of our favorite teachers and dance enthusiasts. 

1:30-2:30pm (Int) Fusion with Brad Rusoff and Delaan Sumler

2:45- 3:45pm (Int/Adv) Blues with Bryan Sykes and Rachel Payne

4:00-5:00pm (Int) Zydeco with Joel Domoe and Delaan Sumler

5:00-7:00pm Dinner Break

7:00-10:00pm Dance Party with DJ Brad Rusoff, DJ Joel Domoe, and DJ Daniel Verdon

Dinner Break
There are a variety of great local establishments to patronize during our 2 hour dinner break, most within walking distance!

Dance Party
Join us for a 3 hour dance party after dinner, featuring an exciting mix of fun, jammable music, DJed by our very own, Brad Rusoff, Daniel Verdon, and Joel Domoe!

About the Instructors (Click to Expand)

Delaan Sumler is a staple of the Cincinnati swing dance community, also having traveled to various other communities in the tri-state area, teaching, dancing, and learning from some of the best! A dancer since 2018, co-owner of Supermurganati, and SwouZy Blues veteran, she will be teaching Intermediate Fusion with Brad Rusoff, and Intermediate Zydeco with Joel Domoe! She loves answering questions and helping other dancers grow, so if you see her, say hello!

Brad Rusoff is a Columbus native who has a rich background in a variety of dance styles, and a passion for dancing and teaching Blues Fusion! Beginning his dance career in 2016, he has traveled to and been a part of many different dance communities across the United States, picking up many skills and ample experience along the way. For the very first time, he finds himself not only teaching our fusion class with Delaan, but also DJing our first set of the night! 

Bryan Sykes, has been a leader in Cincinnati and the broader region for many years. A music aficionado, Bryan loves to bring dancers together with musicians and has done just that as the driving force behind Blues Dance Cincinnati. A technically gifted social dancer with an acute awareness of partnering as well as an excellent teacher, Bryan has taught workshops at a broad array of events around the Eastern United States. We are very excited that he will be teaching our Intermediate to Advanced Blues class with Rachel Payne.  

Joel Domoe aspires to be a community organizer- helping out, organizing, and teaching in the dance community is his bread and butter! In addition to that, he has been a professional swing dance instructor, judge, performer, coach, and promoter since 1997. Above all else, though, he considers himself a student of dance and in life. He will be teaching Intermediate Zydeco with Delaan at SwouZy Blues, and DJing our second set of the night!

Rachel Payne, from Cincinnati, is a powerful presence on the dancefloor. A trained competitive dancer since childhood, She is an emerging star in Cincinnati's dance community, especially in the areas of Blues, Fusion and Swing. Rachel will be teaching Intermediate to Advanced Blues!

Daniel Verdon, DJing our third, and final set of the night, fell in love with swing dancing over a decade ago, mesmerized by the healing power of dance. Over the past few years Daniel has been combining his skills as a professional educator with his love for the dance by leading classes and workshops for dancers of all levels. He is also an exceptional DJ, and we're very proud to have him!

About the Classes (Click to Expand)

1:30-2:30pm Lesson Slot

Intermediate Fusion w/ Brad and Delaan
This class, a new addition to the SwouZy Blues selection of classes, will be largely addressing partner connection and the idea of creating a conversation in the context of a partnered dance. Brad and Delaan will guide students through simple concepts for partner dancing to a variety of different types of music, fusing ideas from Blues, Swing, and other dances. No matter what level of experience you have, this class is for anyone who would like to know what makes dancing look like so much fun when couples are on the dance floor grooving together!  


2:45-3:45pm Lesson Slot

Int/Adv Blues w/ Bryan and Rachel Payne
This class is for experienced Blues dancers.

4-5pm Lesson Slot

Zydeco w/ Delaan & Joel

Zydeco music and dance comes from creole culture in Southwestern Louisiana, and is primarily composed of French Creole, Caribbean, and Blues rhythms, but is also influenced by Cajun and Native American music as well. The dance is similar to and compatible with swing dance. For videos of Zydeco dance and music, click here. This is a fun class, open to all levels, but will move at a pace appropriate for students with a some swing dance experience. 

WHAT is Zydeco? You ask.

Here is a playlist (17 videos - all but 1 less than 10 minutes) I gathered on YouTube to help answer that question. The first video is the most informative. I highly recommend.